"Got ya now, Hoser"


Billy Rex
Biographical Information
RideIce Grinder
SquadronAbsolute Zeros
Terra/ShipTerra Blizzaris
PositionBackcountry rider

A typical member of the Absolute Zeroes, Billy Rex loves nothing more than pushing his Ice Grinder to the limits while stunting in the back country of his home Terra Blizzaris. Billy Rex, just as the rest of Absolute Zeroes, likes to perform extreme stunts, although they frequently (if not always) ending up crashing. In Fire and Ice, Billy Rex was mistaken to be the Sky Knight and leader of Absolute Zeroes by Aerrow. He speaks with stereotypical Canadian accent, frequently adding words like hoser, chief, and eh in his speech. He voiced by show's creator Asaph Fipke. 

Gallery Edit


Billy Rex

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