Master Cyclonis, using the Binding on the Dark Ace

The Binding is an advanced technique used by crystal mages to grant temporary powers to another individual.

General InfoEdit

The Binding is first demonstrated in Episode 50, where Master Cyclonis grants several abilities to the Dark Ace while fighting Aerrow and Piper. During the fight, Piper figures out how to do the Binding, and uses it on Aerrow. The Binding is also featured prominently in Episodes 51 and 52, being used extensively by both Piper and Cyclonis.

Binding abilities include:

  • Feather's Flight[1] (ability to fly)
  • Titan's Might[1] (superhuman strength)
  • Speed of Light[1] (superhuman speed)
  • Fire's Fight (blast of crimson energy)
  • Falcon's Flight (extremely fast flight)
  • Storm's Fury[2] (generates a shockwave of energy)
  • Diamond's Edge[3] (hands become a highly durable crystal)
  • Lightning Strike[3] (a concentrated blast of electric energy)
  • Inferno's Blaze[3] (pyrokinesis)


Even though both Master Cyclonis and Piper verbally state the name of the Binding power while casting it, it would seem that doing so is unnessessary, considering that when Piper first used the Binding she didn't make any incantations before granting an ability to Aerrow.

It is sometimes erroneously referred to as simply 'binding' by fans, however numerous characters on the show state that it is actually 'the Binding'. Examples include Master Cyclonis saying to Piper "It's like you were born to do the Binding"[2] and Aerrow stating to Piper "You haven't used the Binding in weeks, and you're still getting worse"[3].


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