Billy Rex

Billy Rex, a Blizzarian

Blizzarians are bipedal intelligent inhabitants of Terra Blizzaris.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Blizzarians are covered in light blue fur with white patches on their bodies and faces. They have hair that varies largely in color, but most commonly are shades of dark blue and pink. Their ears and fur tufts on their arms, legs, fingers and feet are the same as their head hair. Their hands have four fingers: Three normal fingers and a thumb, and their feet/paws have three toes with claws. They also have muzzles, and walk on digitigrade legs. They have long ears and sharp canines.


Blizzarians (if it wasn't obvious) like the cold. They speak with stereotypical Canadian accents. Due to the cold weather that most of them live in, they are seen in large, fur-lined jackets with metal plates and bracers on their legs.

Notable BlizzariansEdit


Suzy Lu

Billy Rex


Absolute Zeros

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