Captain Scabulous
Biographical Information
RideBlood Crow
SquadronMurk Raiders
Terra/ShipTerra Deep
PositionSky Knight
WeaponEnergy Sabre, Metal Claw, Energy Blaster

Leader of the feared band of marauders known as the Murk Raiders. His terrifying escapades at the helm of the Blood Crow are legendary, and the mere mention of Captain Scabulous’ name will send chills down almost any spine in the Atmos.

Scabulous speaks with a thick Scottish accent, and bears a large burn on the side of his face, which he received when attempting to fight a mechanical Dragon. He also uses an prosthetic arm, equipped with a large metal claw.

He first appeared in the episode "Terra Deep", where he and ship attempted to destroy the Storm Hawks and resupply from their ship. He later boarded the Condor and engaged in a fierce dual with Aerrow, where he was eventually defeated.

Scabulous also appears to have a personal vendetta against Finn, ever since Finn insulted him on how well he can dance. Despite this, he was later convinced into aiding the Storm Hawks by Finn, and fought alongside Free Atmosia against the Cyclonians.

Personality Edit

Despite his ruthlessness, he does respect his crew and his crew respects him back. Scabulous appears to maintain a fair attitude towards providing for his crew, sharing any and all of his plunder to ensure that they are happy and cared for. He also has no love for the Cyclonians, and whilst he is a criminal, he fought alongside the members of Free Atmosia against Master Cyclonis' army.

Equipment Edit

Weaponry Edit

Scabulous wields an energy sabre in combat, reminiscent of the sabres famously used by real life Pirates. The blade is powered by a purple Yarr crystal, which leaves a noticeable power discharge coming from the sword's pummel. He is also known to possess a pair of dual sabres, powered by a red Fathom crystals, although he is never seen using them in the series. Scabulous can also use his prosthetic arm as a makeshift weapon. He also makes use of an Energy Blaster for long range combat and fire-fights.