Biographical Information
RideAir Skimmer III Ultra
SquadronRed Eagles
PositionSky Knight
WeaponEnergy Blade

20px-Cquote1.png This has nothing to do with Cyclonis. It's all about you and revenge![1] 20px-Cquote2.png

Carver was originally the leader of the Red Eagles, until he was imprisoned by the Storm Hawks for stealing the Aurora Stone in the pilot episode. He claims to be more intelligent then the rest of the people of Atmos, because he can tell that the winds of favor are blowing in Cyclonis' direction. He is promptly defeated by Aerrow's Lightning Claw. [2][3]

In the episode Second Chances, Carver eventually convinces everyone that he stole the stone because, he was under Cyclonis' Mind Control.[1] This granted him freedom and he then joined the Storm Hawks, he played nice and got them new uniforms and a large fan base while subtly trying to eliminate Aerrow through a series of traps. He convinced the Storm Hawks that Aerrow was under Cyclonian Mind Control and Aerrow was imprisoned. Carver then tried to murder Aerrow by letting Stork's super deadly spider loose in his cell. The spider however, turned out to be a tickle spider rather then a deadly one and Carver's scheme was uncovered and he was promptly imprisoned again.[1]

Carver is a sneaky man, who will do anything for power, be it betray his Terra or kill an innocent boy.

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