Cyclonian Destroyers are the primary warships of the Cyclonian Empire. These ships are very large and are equipped with numerous weapons that some Cyclonian commanders have modified to be their own.

History Edit

In the first episode Cyclonia employed these large crafts against the Sky Knights, most notably the Storm Hawks' Condor. These ships have appeared numerous times over the course of the series and many commanding officers have used modified Destroyers - even Master Cyclonis herself used a modified Destroyer.


The destroyers are the multi-purpose workhorse of the Empire; transporting supplies and troops, patrolling Cyclonian territory, and serving specialized tasks for Cyclonian leaders.


Master Cyclonis' Destroyer Edit

Master Cyclonis had a Destroyer which she used for missions. Her ship usually had Night Crawlers and maintained a strong defensive force. This ship was a very large modified destroyer.

Snipe's Mega Battleship Edit

Snipe had a modified Battleship that had a very large size but had so many weapons it could hardly make it off the dock. This ship later crashed in the Wastelands.

Ravess' Flagship Edit

Ravess' Flagship appears most frequently. This ship is sleek, silent base that brings chills to all who sees it as it prowls through the Atmos sky.

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