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Dragons are creatures extremely rare and almost extinct. They became a legend, until Rinjiin found a clutch of dragon eggs and it protects them using a ship-shaped adult dragon.

Characteristics Edit

Dragon and Piper

They body seems to be a mixture of a asian dragon and a European medieval dragon, also the body follows the style of the Wyvern.

They seem to be very friendly creatures, perhaps the only ones living dragons are being created alongside humans.

History Edit

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Hundreds of years ago, before established air travel, there were thousands of dragons. When various peoples took to the sky, they saw the dragons as a threat, and hunted them to near extinction. They became a legend, until Rinjiin found a clutch of dragon eggs

Appearances Edit

Refered at Episode 24 - Calling All Domos

Featured at Episode 37: Sky End

Possibly seen at Far Side on Episode: Cyclonia Rising (Part 2)

Trivia Edit

At Episode 24: Calling All Domos appear an early dragon design, very different from the dragon's of Rinjiin.

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Dragon and Radarr

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