King For a Day
Storm Hawks Episode
Finn shooting
Episode No. 11
Air Date 13 June 2007 (Kids' WB)
30 July 2007 (Cartoon Network)
Episode Sequence
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Fire and Ice Terra Deep
Episode List

"King For a Day" is the 11th episode of the Storm Hawks


When the Storm Hawks stumble upon the long lost Terra Vapos, Finn is declared to be the long lost hero of their prophecy, the great Domo, something he couldn't be happier about. However, when he discovers that an army of humanoid bats is stealing all their food and supplies, he offers to defeat them all, by himself, just as the prophecy foretells. As he leaves, Piper learns that Finn hasn't been given the entire story: Finn isn't supposed to defeat them, they are supposed to feed upon his flesh. They prepare to go after him, but the people of Vapos, fearing the bats will stop only when Finn is devoured, toss them in jail. Sure enough, Finn is eaten by the leader bat which is gigantic, but the story doesn't end there. Finn escapes by lighting a flare, then causes a cave-in to trap the bats forever, with Aerrow, having escaped from the Terra Vapos Prison, arriving just in time to fly both of them to safety. With the bats gone, Vapos can become prosperous again.





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