Terra Deep
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 12
Air Date 13 August 2007
Episode Sequence
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King For a Day Storm Warning
Episode List

"Terra Deep" is the 12th episode of the Storm Hawks


While attempting to evade a Cyclonian fleet, the Storm Hawks inadvertently flee into Terra Deep. Realizing their location just a bit too late, they are forced to play a game of Cat and Mouse with the Murk Raiders, a band of ship-raiding pirates. Despite their efforts, the Storm Hawks can't evade the Raiders on their home turf, and the Murk Raiders are successful in boarding their ship. However, the Murk Raiders aren't quite up to the task of subduing a Sky Knight squadron, and are repelled with relative ease. Not willing to give up after such a failure, the Murk Raiders summon two more ships to pursue the Storm Hawks. Luckily for the Storm Hawks, the Murk Raiders find much more appealing targets when led out of Terra Deep, where three massive Cyclonian carriers are waiting to be picked clean.





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