Storm Warning
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 13
Air Date 20 August 2007
Episode Sequence
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Terra Deep A Little Trouble
Episode List

"Storm Warning" is the 13th episode of the Storm Hawks


During a spy mission on Terra Amazonia, Finn deviates from Piper's step-by-step plan and steals an entire crate of Crystals from a group of Cyclonians under Ravess's command. Annoyed, Piper insists that they wouldn't last a day without her, and sets out to prove it by pretending to quit. Stork discovers her trick, and the others do their best to get along just to ruin her plan which includes enduring a supper cooked by Junko (it's a kind of cooked tentacled creature). However, they fail to realize that the crate Finn stole is full of Leech Crystals, which are slowly draining the ship of its power and will explode after doing so. Once the drain is nearly complete, Ravess orders an attack on the Storm Hawks taking advantage of their weakness, leaving Piper the only one aware of the true nature of the crystals. Aerrow, Finn, and Junko get on their Air Skimmer III's to fight the Talons with Finn taking one of the Leech Crystals with him. They fight the enemy while Stork tries to start the Condor the guys are later joined by Piper, with Piper's help, Stork is able to dispose of the crystals while the rest of the team repels Ravess when Finn loads his Leech Crystal and aims his crossbow at Ravess but is saved from exploding by one of his teammates at which he drops the crossbow to Ravess accidentally and she then uses it to try to kill Aerrow but it explodes leaving Ravess to escape on the last Talon Switchblade. With both sides convinced that they can't do without one another, the Storm Hawks make up, just in time for Stork to admit that he stored the leechers in Piper's crystal shielder in her room, which now has a nice, big window from the explosion and when she, and Aerrow are standing in front of it she says "Well, I always said I wanted a better view".





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