A Little Trouble
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 14
Air Date 1 September 2007
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Storm Warning Thunder Run
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"A Little Trouble" is the 14th episode of the Storm Hawks


The Storm Hawks have to babysit Junko's nephew (twice removed), Tynki. Meanwhile, Snipe is building a larger and even more destructive version of a Cyclonian Destroyer, which when completed will allow him to dominate the skies. As they prepare to take it down, Tynki's curiosity combined with his ridiculous Wallop strength make the little child a terror for the Storm Hawks crew. To make matters worse, when they finally begin their mission to disable the battleship, Tynki finds his way on board, innocently wrecking everything he can get his little hands on while Aerrow deals with the Dark Ace who is overseeing the construction. However, the little Wallop's spree of destruction turns out to be beneficial, as he inadvertently helps to shut down the ship, causing it to plummet into the Wastelands.