Thunder Run
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 15
Air Date 15 September 2007
Episode Sequence
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A Little Trouble Escape!
Episode List

"Thunder Run" is the 15th episode of the Storm Hawks


Junko is taken hostage by a spider-like gangster known as the Colonel, and the Storm Hawks have until sundown to retrieve some "rozen yoga" from the other end of Atmos that will pay the ransom. As they set out on their mission, Junko gets into an eating contest with the Colonel. To give the Condor an extra burst of speed, Finn steals a Velocity Crystal from the Raptors, bring the wrath of Repton down upon them. Dumping parts to lighten the ship similarly angers a group of phoenixes. They even have to pass through Cyclonian territory to make it in time. All of this turns out to be in pursuit of what is actually frozen yogurt, the strange name a result of the Colonel's accent. Furthermore, Junko beats the Colonel at an eating contest, and eats the yogurt when it's delivered. Upset by the trivial goal of their dangerous journey, Piper insults the Colonel and he insists on another mission with an even smaller timeframe.






Piper: No! We're so close!
Repton: Give me my prize! [Hoerk takes the frozen yogurt out of Stork's hands] What kind of treasure is this?!
Finn: Um... The creamy-low fat kind. Heh.
Repton: [tastes the yogurt spits out the yogurt he was licking] ROZEN YOGA IS FROZEN YOGURT?!
[Leugey, Spitz, and Hoerk cower as Repton attempts to slap them]
Colonel: I believe that is mine.

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