Forbidden City
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 17
Air Date 29 September 2007
Episode Sequence
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Escape! Leviathan
Episode List

"Forbidden City" is the 17th episode of the Storm Hawks


The Storm Hawks land The Condor by an expedition site on Terra Xoam where they meet I.J. Domiwick, the most famous explorer (but more like a treasure hunter) in all of Atmos who, after giving Piper his autograph, rattles of the list of what he is described as- including "Don't forget smart, brave, adventurous, scientific, handsome, charming, and successful" to which Aerrow sarcastically remarks "Humble". Domiwick gives them a tour of the site, explaining he is about to lead the first expedition into the ancient Forbidden City, which contains the Oracle Crystal, a stone with a spirit inside of it that can see the future and with that ability the ability to remember the entire past and present it has lived through. Upon arriving at the Dig Site they encounter several squads of Talons and Snipe, revealing that Domiwick's expedition is being funded by the Cyclonians who then attack the Storm Hawks. They escape however and resolve to get to the Oracle Crystal first, and the entire Squadron heads in to the Forbidden City even after Stork saying "The death traps in that place are legendary. Jagged Spikes. Walls that crush.". Braving the many traps, hazards, and Cyclonians, Aerrow eventually finds the stone. There, the Oracle, whose spirit dwells within the stone, shows him the future: the Cyclonians win the war. However, she offers him the chance to change that future by freeing her. Aerrow does so, and taking the now worthless stone along, he and the Storm Hawks escape the temple, leaving Snipe with nothing, who leaves Doiwick in the Forbidden City with no form of transportation. Aerrow presents the stone to Piper as a gift.





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