Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 18
Air Date 6 October 2007
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Forbidden City Infinnity
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"Leviathan" is the 18th episode of the Storm Hawks


When the Condor and Radarr are swallowed by the terra-sized beast known as the Leviathan, the Storm Hawks find themselves unable to fight the beast, they end up at the Skyside Shanty and are forced to team up with the reluctant Sky Knight of the Neck Deeps named Tritonn (whose crew and only brother had already been swallowed by the Beast) to get their home back. Stork, meanwhile, goes into "Sky Shock" after witnessing the Condor being eaten firsthand. With Stork's shock-driven bravery and a replacement ship loaned to them by the Sky Knight, the Storm Hawks are able to get their home back. At the same time, they inadvertently discover how to repel the beast using Paralyzer Crystals, ensuring that it will never attack any ships again. After defeating the monster they discover Tritonn's brother and crew were in the the beast's mouth and upon getting back his brother, crew, and his hat, Tritonn regains his confidence.






  • Sam Vincent as Aerrow, Shantyman
  • Matt Hill as Finn
  • Chiara Zanni as Piper
  • Scott McNeil as Stork, Tritonn
  • Colin Murdock as Junko, Hermit
  • Nicole Oliver as Waitress
  • Ron Pardo as Shanty Patron #1
  • Cedric Smith as Shanty Patron #2
  • Peter Wildman as Horrace


  • Finn: Yeah, and our buddy. Got eaten by a Terra!
  • Waitress: That wasn't no Terra, that was... the leviathan. (The crowd gasps as she said it was the leviathan)