Age of Heroes (Part 1)
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 1
Air Date 25 May 2007
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Age of Heroes (Part 2)
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Age of Heroes (Part 1) is the first episode of Storm Hawks.


The episode starts off with the Storm Hawks heading to Terra Atmosia to register as an official Sky Knight squadron. When they arrive the citizens of Atmosia almost mistake them for the original Storm Hawks but a man rudely corrects the other citizens just before the Red Eagles ride down the road and after the Sky Knight of the Squadron Carver insults them the Eagles head for the Beacon Tower. The Storm Hawks then head to be made a official Squadron, they almost succeed, until the bureaucrat in charge realizes that they are too young to be made an official squadron. Meanwhile the Eagles arrive at the Beacon Tower and after asking their Sky Knight Carver why they were there, he proclaims his loyalties to Master Cyclonis and unleashes a wave of energy on the Squad. Shortly thereafter, the neglected Storm Hawks notice the beacon tower has mysteriously shut down, and head over to investigate. Outside they come across the squad and their Air Skimmers, noticing the squad have been turned into statues they enter the tower and once they reach the top, they find Carver, the leader of the Red Eagles, stealing the Aurora Stone. Carver admits to betraying Atmosia and joining with the Cyclonians, and battles Aerrow.

Aerrow manages to defeat Carver using his new-found signature move called the Lightning Claw. When Master Cyclonis hears about Carver's failure, she sends the Dark Ace along with Ravess and Snipe to finish Carver's mission. When the Cyclonians arrive at the Terra the Storm Hawks defend the colony with Aerrow versus the Dark Ace, Finn versus Ravess, Junko versus Snipe, and Piper and Stork operating The Condor as they exchange fire with the Cyclonian Destroyer. The Storm Hawks are unable to fend off the fleet of the Cyclonian Talons with Junko beating Snipe, Ravess shooting down Finn (the first time his Skimmer is cut in half), The Condors' shields get shot out, and Aerrow is defeated but spared by the Dark Ace and the Aurora Stone is stolen. The Storm Hawks resolve to head to Terra Cyclonia to get it back.






  • First Appearence of Aerrow, Finn, Piper, Junko, Stork, Radarr, Master Cyclonis, Dark Ace, Ravess, and Snipe.
  • This is the first episode where Finn's Bike is cut off.