Terra Neon
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 20
Air Date 30 November 2007
Episode Sequence
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Infinnity The Storm Hawks Seven
Episode List

"Terra Neon" is the 20th episode of the Storm Hawks


During a vacation on Terra Neon, the Storm Hawks discover the normally active carnival terra devoid of life, except for a single place holding auditions for a show. They soon discover that the entire terra has been enslaved by two producers looking for the next big thing, and the Storm Hawks are their latest tryouts. One by one the Storm Hawks are rejected and captured, leaving only Stork, whose “doom” poetry impresses the producers. As the two producers chase down Stork, the Storm Hawks trick them into stranding themselves in the Wastelands. However, while Terra Neon is now free of the producers, the same can’t be said for Ravess and her Talons. At the end, Aerrow's Tomboys sing "Smooth Sky Knight" at the stage on Terra Neon.





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