The Storm Hawks Seven
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 21
Air Date 3 December 2007
Episode Sequence
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Terra Neon Talon Academy
Episode List

"The Storm Hawks Seven" is the 21st episode of the Storm Hawks


Ravess is building a powerful sonic cannon at Polaris Pointe, an unstable Terra in the center of a narrow passage between two quadrants of Atmos. When Starling finds out, she enlists the aid of the Storm Hawks to destroy it. Though they quickly devise a plan, Starling is somewhat disappointed when it comes to mission preparations, as the Storm Hawks "training" consists of little more than foolish games. When it comes time to attack, the Storm Hawks Seven (Aerrow includes Starling in the count) fails to destroy the cannon, which is protected by a shield. Using some clever disguises, Finn's awful guitar music, and some haphazard construction by Stork, the Storm Hawks are able to temporarily nullify Ravess' cannon while Piper and Starling disable the shield, allowing the Storm Hawks to destroy Polaris Pointe for good. With the threat over, the Storm Hawks surprise Starling with her own room on-board the Condor. Though she's not willing to join up yet, Starling gladly participates in another round of their unique form of training.






  • Starling becomes a Storm Hawk for this episode.

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