Talon Academy
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 22
Air Date 4 December 2007
Episode Sequence
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The Storm Hawks Seven Siren's Song
Episode List

"Talon Academy" is the 22nd episode of the Storm Hawks


After saving a Talon whose parachute failed Piper discovers that the pilot is no younger than herself. The Storm Hawks discover that the Cyclonians have created a training camp. Glamorous advertising on the poster is meant to suggest that being a Talon is "cool", and kids flock to the camp to join. Aerrow, Radarr, and Piper join the academy to take it down, using a Chroma Crystal to change their appearance. The camp is lead by "Sergeant" Snipe, who Aerrow can't help but continually annoy. During this time, Piper discovers that Cyclonia plans to use these new recruits to wipe out a defenseless terra, while Aerrow convinces them that being a Talon isn't all it's cracked up to be. Upon being discovered, Aerrow and Piper instigate a rebellion. A still-loyal student calls for a team of elite Talons during the commotion, and Aerrow directs the students in a massive aerial battle, which is meant to stall for time until Junko, Finn, and Stork arrive. Seeing the bravery of their liberators, the students now want to become Storm Hawks instead.






  • First Appearence of Lynn.
  • In this episode, Aeroow cuts his hair.


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