Siren's Song
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 23
Air Date 5 December 2007
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Talon Academy Calling All Domos
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"Siren's Song" is the 23rd episode of the Storm Hawks


The Storm Hawks find themselves stranded in the Great Expanse, a vast area devoid of life where instruments don't function and navigation is impossible. In recounting how they came to be in their situations, the Storm Hawks discover that they are being preyed upon by a Sky Siren, an illusion-casting witch intent on destroying them. She attempts to use their greatest desires against them by trapping them in waking dreams, keeping them from escaping. One by one the Storm Hawks fall prey to her powers (she uses hamburgers against Junko and girls against Finn) , but in the end it is Radarr who overcomes her and pilots the ship to safety (with the Storm Hawks waking up, having been lying on the floor asleep the whole time), the act of doing so having been his greatest desire, piloting The Condor.