Calling All Domos
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 24
Air Date 6 December 2007
Episode Sequence
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Siren's Song The Lesson
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"Calling all Domos" is the 24th episode of the Storm Hawks


While Aerrow, Piper, and Radarr take Junko to the dentist, Finn and Stork are left to their own devices. A bird from Terra Vapos delivers a note to Finn, requesting his assistance, and the two set out to help. When they arrive, King Agar asks them to retrieve Serpergris, a Crystal which maintains their very existence. Finn and Stork find that the Murk Raiders have stolen the crystal, so they sneak aboard their ship and steal it back, only to have the Murk Raiders follow them back to Vapos. The pair manage to hold off the Murk Raiders long enough to restore the terra, and Agar pays the Murk Raiders for their trouble with a fortune of gold. However, to the Murk Raiders dismay, the gold turns to dust as soon as they leave the terra, since, as Agar explains, "nothing ever truly leaves Vapos."

Trivia Edit

  • At this episode appear an early dragon design, very different from the dragon's of the Episode Sky's End

Appearances Edit




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