The Lesson
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 25
Air Date 7 December 2007
Episode Sequence
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Calling All Domos Dude, Where's My Condor?
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"The Lesson" is the 25th episode of the Storm Hawks


Arygyn, a famous trainer of warriors, sneaks onto the Condor under the guise of a bird. Once on the ship, he proceeds to defeat each member of the Storm Hawks, before revealing that he's there to train them. The Cyclonians have received enhancement crystals, and are, alone, more powerful than any single squadron as he has watched the Dark Ace, Ravess, Snipe, and Repton with their weapons glowing purple defeat several squadrons including the Absolute Zeros. In an attempt to train the Storm Hawks, Arygyn reserves Terra Neon for the whole day and uses games as training tools. Junko is given an out of control bumper-car ride to learn dexterity. Piper is given an enhanced "Test Your Strength" game to improve her physical abilities. Stork is put on an out of control Mechanical Bull to improve his balance. Finn is given a hyper-charged shooting gallery. Finally, Aerrow is told to board a fast-moving roller coaster. Once they win these games, they leave Arygyn, angry that they didn't learn anything of use. The skills they gained from the games, however, are quite useful against the super-charged Cyclonians, allowing them to achieve victory.




  • Enhancer Crystal


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