"Dude, Where's My Condor?"
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 26
Air Date Decemer 10, 2007
Episode Sequence
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The Lesson The Masked Masher
Episode List

"Dude, Where's My Condor" is the 26th episode of the Storm Hawks


The Condor goes in for repairs but Finn instead trades it for a “better” model. They quickly discover their new vessel is a lemon, and when they attempt to return it they discover that the Condor has been sold to the Colonel. The Colonel wants to use the Condor to break the airspeed record, and refuses to relinquish it. A race against the Condor meant to win it back predictably ends in failure; it is the fastest ship in Atmos. When the Colonel attempts to try for the airspeed record the Storm Hawks sneak on board and though found they are given the chance of staying onboard until the record is broken, when they reach dangerously high speeds the Condor begins to break apart at the seams, its hull unable to take the strain. The Colonel abandons ship, giving the Storm Hawks the chance to stop the ship. When the ship finally stops, it turns out the Condor broke the airspeed record.





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