Atmos Most Wanted
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 28
Air Date 13 September 2008
Episode Sequence
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The Masked Masher Stratosphere
Episode List

"Atmos Most Wanted" is the 28th episode of the Storm Hawks.


After their friend Dove arrives on the Condor and demands them to return an object sacred to Terra Gale the Cheese Stone and after pleading their innocence they discover that a series of robberies is traced back to them the Storm Hawks, and the team must evade capture while trying to figure out who framed them. The Storm Hawks find a pattern in the thefts and realize the shards of the Aurora Stone are the next target. The culprits are the Raptors, who have been using crude Storm Hawks' masks to impersonate the genuine articles. In a midair battle, the Storm Hawks recover the stolen items and clear their names.





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