For the location, see Stratosphere (Location).
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 29
Air Date 20 September 2008
Episode Sequence
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Atmos Most Wanted The Last Stand
Episode List

"Stratospere" is the 29th episode of Storm Hawks.


Ravess is commanding a battle station in previously unreachable stratosphere, from which a satellite weapon, the Exopod, will be launched into the exosphere. The Condor is modified to reach the stratosphere, and after defeating Ravess, the Storm Hawks quickly fix up Aerrow's skimmer to make it suitable for launch into the exosphere.

Aerrow and Radarr are launched into the exosphere after the Exopod, but a miscalculation with the trajectory forces Aerrow to send Radarr off alone to deal with the Exopod while he orbits the planet to reach Radarr once again. Radarr manages to knock the Exopod out of orbit, destroying Ravess' carrier in the process as she tries to fire on the Condor. Aerrow manages to make his way back and recover Radarr, and they are safely recovered by the team after re-entry.






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