The Last Stand
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 30
Air Date 27 September 2008
Episode Sequence
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Stratosphere Life With Lugey
Episode List

"The Last Stand" is the 30th episode of the Storm Hawks


The Storm Hawks crashland in the Wastelands after rescuing a group of Wallops from a mine. Unfortunately, Mr. Moss, the Warden of Terra Zartacla, is back with an army of fire scorpions. The Storm Hawks hold off his siege with the help of the Wallop Miners, who take breaks at inopportune times and act rudely to Junko, who idolizes them. When Junko eventually gets frustrated with them, they finally start helping out in earnest, buying Piper and Radarr enough time to cool off the Engine Crystals and take off. They also get to watch as Hamish (Mr.Moss's right-hand man) runs out of feed for the scorpions at which the Warden and his men are chased away by the fire scorpions.





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