What Got Into Finn?
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 32
Air Date 11 October 2008
Episode Sequence
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Life With Lugey Royal Twist
Episode List

"What Got into Finn?" is the thirty-second episode of the Storm Hawks


The Storm Hawks are anonymously hired by Master Cyclonis to deliver a canister to an uncharted location, and are specifically told not to open it. Predictably, Finn and Junko open the canister, and are infected by Aggrospores. Finn becomes a monster, while Junko, being a Wallop, becomes extremely sleepy. Finn (in monster form) escapes the Condor to Terra Atmosia, where he causes mass destruction and chaos. Stork, after finding an antidote, attempts to capture Monster Finn in a series of Wile E. Coyote-esque schemes, all of which end in failure. Stork goes insane and builds a massive robot dinosaur ('Storkasaurus'), which causes even more damage before Aerrow stops him. Aerrow finally cures Finn by hiding the cure in food, but unfortunately for Finn, he is now infested with fleas.





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