Royal Twist
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 33
Air Date 18 October 2008
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What Got Into Finn? Second Chances
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"Royal Twist" is the 33rd episode of the Storm Hawks.


On a scouting mission, Piper discovers a strange light from the unknown Terra Klockstoppia and meets Princess Peregrine, a woman who could pass for her twin except for a small difference. She longs for adventure beyond the walls of the castle, but her life is dictated by the Regent, who is the acting ruler of the terra. The two are amazed at each other's lives, but for different reasons-Piper respects Perry for being a princess and is amazed at the lack of modern crystal technology, while Perry envies Piper's "action-packed" life of a Storm Hawk. In a parody of The Prince and the Pauper, Perry knocks Piper out and takes her place. Piper tries to explain what happened to the Regent, but her explanations are dismissed as wild tales of fantasy. Perry soon finds out that Piper's life is not as adventurous as she originally thought, as Piper has many responsibilities, and her lack of knowledge about Piper's duties nearly leads to disaster. Meanwhile, a group of Nightcrawlers, on a mission from Master Cyclonis, attempt to steal the stores of Crystals located on Terra Klockstoppia. Piper tries to fight them off, but with the best weapons available on Klockstoppia being cannons that fire oranges, she is subdued quickly. Perry returns with the Storm Hawks, having revealed her true identity to them earlier after Aerrow notices a small "bump" on "Pipers" arm which she says is the Royal Seal of Klockstoppia. As the Storm Hawks exhausted most of their crystal power to make the trip, the Night Crawlers have the advantage. Piper and Perry exploit the Night Crawlers' aversion to sunlight with Solaris Crystals, driving them off. After the battle is over, Perry decides to take over the kingdom, as it is her birthright, Piper happily returns to the Storm Hawks and Regent is now Perry's servant as his punishment for not using crystals believing they are "forbidden".