Second Chances
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 34
Air Date 1 November 2008
Episode Sequence
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Royal Twist Radarr Love
Episode List

"Second Chances" is the thirty-fourth episode of the Storm Hawks


Carver is released from prison, exonerated of his crimes after evidence suggests a mind control crystal was used on him. He joins the Storm Hawks, and with him the media, making the Storm Hawks more famous than ever. He dresses the team in new uniforms and helps out with dangerous missions. However, his good name seems to come at Aerrow's expense, as Aerow is plagued by mysterious malfunctions in his weapons and vehicle. Carver convinces the Storm Hawks that Aerrow is being controlled by Master Cyclonis, and must be imprisoned for his own good. Aerrow is thrown in jail so the mind control can wear off. Carver steals Stork's new pet spider (the deadliest in the Atmos, one touch equals death) and puts it in Aerrow's cell while he is sleeping. Meanwhile, Piper finds out that Aerrow is not really under a spell, and Carver is really out to get him. Aerrow escapes from prison with Radarr's help, revealing that Stork's "super-deadly spider" is actually a tickle-spider. He tricks Carver into confessing his guilt before his own media entourage, and Carver is sent back to prison. The Storm Hawks rid themselves of the media circus, but keep the new uniforms as fancy dress outfits. Then after Hawk dies the season 3 is over





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