Radarr Love
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 35
Air Date 8 November 2008
Episode Sequence
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Second Chances Scouts' Honour
Episode List

"Radarr Love" is the thirty-fifth episode of the Storm Hawks


Radarr is accidentally left behind at a pit stop. By the time his team realizes it, Radarr has stranded himself on a Cyclonian Destoyer while outrunning a pack of chickens. The commander of the ship (who cannot decide on his own name) plans to deploy floating mines disguised as weather balloons. Radarr contacts the Storm Hawks using the ship's radio; though he cannot speak in an understandable fashion, Aerrow recognizes his voice immediately. Following the signal, Stork accidentally crashes the Condor into the Battle cruiser, knocking out everyone on their ship. When the Storm Hawks wake up, they find themselves in the ship's brig. Radarr releases them while trying to get their attention. The Storm Hawks and Radarr separately make their way to the cargo bay, from which the balloons are being deployed, and disable them without noticing one-another. Radarr is brought back to the Condor by the chickens, where his teammates, unable to understand him or his explanation, make fun of him for missing all the action.





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