Scout's Honour
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 36
Air Date 14 November 2008
Episode Sequence
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Radarr Love Sky's End
Episode List

"Scouts' Honour" is the thirty-sixth episode of the Storm Hawks


Stork has to take three Sky Scouts to Terra Fauna for camping. Things go awry, however, when they unintentionally land on Terra Gruesomus, and find themselves face-to-face with bog howlers controlled by Snipe using mind-control helmets. The other Storm Hawks come to help when they find out that Snipe has attacked Stork and his companions. Stork and the Sky Scouts manage to disable the helmets, and convince the bog howlers to attack the Talons. Stork bids farewell to the Sky Scouts, but notes that he signed up to take them camping again next month.





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