Sky's End
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 37
Air Date 22 November 2008
Episode Sequence
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Scouts' Honour Five Days
Episode List

"Sky's End" is the thirty-seventh episode of the Storm Hawks


A fierce storm blows the Condor to the very edge of recorded territories of the Atmos, called "Sky's End". There they are attacked by a dragon, which they shoot down but turns out to be a disguised ship. The pilot is a man named Rinjiin, the last of the dragon knights. He was piloting the dragon ship in order to protect a sanctuary for baby dragons. Hundreds of years ago, before established air travel, there were thousands of dragons. When various peoples took to the sky, they saw the dragons as a threat, and hunted them to near extinction. They became a legend, until Rinjiin found a clutch of dragon eggs. He considers it his duty to protect them and raise them to adulthood. Unfortunately, the Storm Hawks have now disabled his means to protect them, and the Murk Raiders plan to capitalize on the opportunity. The Storm Hawks manage to repair to the dragon ship in time to fight the Murk Raiders, but are ultimately outgunned. Fortunately, Radarr is able to rally the baby dragons to assist, driving the Murk Raiders away. In the end, the Storm Hawks convince all the Sky Knights of Atmos to help protect the dragons.





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