Five Days
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 38
Air Date 29 November 2008
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Sky's End Energy Crisis
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"Five Days" is the thirty-eighth episode of the Storm Hawks


Piper steals a powerful repair crystal, capable of fixing anything, from Gundstaff's hut. She needs it to repair Aerrow, who broke nearly every bone in his body when he slipped on oil and fell into the Condor's engine. Unfortunately, even with the crystal aiding his recovery, he still has to remain motionless for five days. While the other Storm Hawks make him comfortable, Snipe breaks one of Master Cyclonis' crystals. Needing the repair crystal to fix it, the trail quickly leads to the Storm Hawks. The Nightcrawlers, recently upgraded by Master Cyclonis, attack the Condor. Master Cyclonis uses the confusion to sneak aboard, defeating the Storm Hawks one by one as she makes a beeline to the crystal. Aerrow, now fully recovered, defeats her, but she escapes with the repair crystal. Cyclonis uses the crystal to fix her broken one, which generates a hologram of herself as a young girl standing with her grandmother, the previous Master Cyclonis.