Energy Crisis
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 39
Air Date 6 December 2008
Episode Sequence
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Five Days Dark Waters
Episode List

"Energy Crisis" is the thirty-ninth episode of the Storm Hawks


While shopping on Terra Saharr, Piper spots the Dark Ace, who is looking for a crystal expert. Piper alerts the boys and they set a trap, hiding the expert while Piper disguises herself as him. The Dark Ace shows Piper the Medulla Crystal and asks her if it is real, which it is. The Storm Hawks reveal themselves but the Dark Ace manages to escape. The Medulla Crystal serves as a second brain for the Suit of Untold Vengeance, which one person cannot control alone. However, the unstable crystal will also drive the wearer insane. Unable to defeat the Dark Ace while he is wearing the suit, Aerrow tricks him into exhausting the suit's power, allowing them to destroy it. Afterward, they melt down the parts of the Suit of Untold Vengeance, and destroy the Medulla Crystal, so the suit can never be used again.





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