Gale Force Winds
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 3
Air Date 8 June 2007
Episode Sequence
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Age of Heroes (Part 2) The Code
Episode List

Gale Force Winds is the 3rd episode of the Storm Hawks


During a scouting mission into the Cyclonian-controlled Terra Gale, the Storm Hawks take on a mission from an old man named Wren to rescue his granddaughter Dove from the Cyclonians. They sneak into the Cyclonian prison using a Geyser Crystal for cover but when they find her, and she is far from a damsel in distress. They then are roped into rescuing the Rebel Ducks - Terra Gale's imprisoned Sky Knight squadron - as well. The Storm Hawks then battle the Dark Ace and his Talons and force him to flee the battle when he is surrounded by the Storm Hawks, the Rebel Ducks and the Condor. The Storm Hawks are then rewarded with a Windstone Crystal from Dove and her grandfather, Wren.






  • First appearence of Wren, Dove and the Rebel Dukcs.
  • This is the second time Finn's bike is cut off.


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