Dark Waters
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 40
Air Date 19 March 2009
Episode Sequence
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Energy Crisis Number One Fan
Episode List

"Dark Waters" is the fortieth episode of the Storm Hawks


The Storm Hawks respond to a distress call from the bottom of Terra Aquanos to rescue the Neck Deeps. At the bottom they find monsters which have been released by I.J. Domiwick from an sealed cavern. In this cavern are supposed endless tunnels that lead to everywhere throughout the Atmos, even the fabled "other side". The Storm Hawks and the Neck Deeps reseal the cavern, but not before Domiwick escapes and swims through it. Just as the Storm Hawks head for the surface, a single monster left behind punctures the Condor causing it to flood. All but Aerrow abandon ship, Aerrow having giving his breather to Piper after Domiwick stole hers. Aerrow manages to make it to the surface while riding atop the monster, now called "Bessie", to satisfy Stork's belief that the previously made-up exists. In the last scene, Domiwick is seen crawling up onto shore on an unknown land.





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