Number One Fan
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 41
Air Date 20 March 2009
Episode Sequence
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Dark Waters A Colonel of Truth
Episode List

"Number One Fan" is the forty-first episode of the Storm Hawks


With nothing better to do, the Storm Hawks answer a distress call from a very small, almost unnoticeable terra, where they meet a nerdy boy named Noob. Noob is their number one fan and president of the Storm Hawks fan club. Noob manages to talk his way onto The Condor, quickly becoming an annoyance to the Storm Hawks. Noob wants to see them fight Cyclonians but the Cyclonian haven't been active for weeks, which Aerrow finds suspicious. Master Cyclonis is planning something that requires many rare Warp Crystals, that she sends her Talons to collect. While playing on Finn's Air Skimmer III, Noob neally falls into the Wastelands. The Storm hawks decide it is time for him to leave, but he refuses to, believing that they are testing him. Finn finally snaps and hurts his feelings, which convinces Noob to leave. Noob soon sends another distress signal, but the Storm Hawks don't believe him, even though Ravess is actually attacking the crystal mines on his terra. Ravess captures Noob and interrogates him. The Storm Hawks, feeling bad, head back to his terra. Meanwhile, Ravess accidentally reveals Cyclonis' secret plot. The Storm Hawks arrive and rescue Noob, who possesses three warp crystals. Noob drives his trailer into Ravess and the warp crystals activate, sending her to Master Cyclonis. Noob then tells them about Operation Exodus, Cyclonis' secret mission. Noob realizes that he shouldn't obsess with the Storm Hawks and whips out a trailer dedicated to the Absolute Zeros.





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