A Colonel of Truth
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 42
Air Date 23 March 2009
Episode Sequence
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Number One Fan Shipwrecked
Episode List

Episode 42, entitled "A Colonel of Truth" aired on March 23, 2009. In the episode, the Storm Hawks encounter The Colonel for the third time (the first and second being "Thunder Run" and "Dude, Where's my Condor?") when the Colonel's exotic pet makes another escape, this time into the Storm Hawks' carrier the Condor.


The episode begins at The Colonel's Compound. The Colonel is handing out sheets of paper to his men, demanding that they find "him" immediately. As one of the sheets of paper falls to the ground, the Colonel picks it up and looks at it, revealing the picture of his beloved pet, of which he calls "Mr. Fluffykins"."Mr. Fluffykins", ends up on the Condor and causes havoc. The Colonel tracks Fluffykins to the Condor, and out of gratitude for "rescuing" his pet gives them his services for the day, as part of a gangster code. The Storm Hawks take advantage of this to keep him so busy that he won't be able to do his regular crimes. His jobs include working in a soup kitchen, picking up trash, exterminating bugs, giving away some of his money, and releasing prisoners from Cyclonian Empire prison. Seeing Fluffykins' distress, Stork believes that the animal really ran away, and the Colonel soon realizes that they never rescued Fluffykins. The Colonel tries to unleash Fluffykins on Piper, Stork, and Junko, but Fluffykins stops when he sees a flock of his own kind. They realize that he just wants to be free. Fluffykins tries to fly but his restraining collar prevents him from doing so, causing him to fall into a pit filled with lava. The Colonel reluctantly frees the Storm Hawks so they can save Fluffykins. The Colonel states he is again in their debt, and Piper wants him to release Fluffykins. The Colonel sadly releases him and says goodbye to his beloved pet.





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