Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 43
Air Date 24 March 2009
Episode Sequence
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A Colonel of Truth Power Grab
Episode List

"Shipwrecked" is the forty-third episode of the Storm Hawks


After a futile search for Operation Exodus, the Storm Hawks decide to take a vacation on Terra Tropica. However, a tsunami separates Aerrow, Finn, Junko, Piper, and Radarr from Stork and the Condor, who is ambushed by some natives. Aerrow heads to find Stork with Radarr while the others search for food and make shelter. Stork manages to scare off the natives with an amateur magic trick and makes his way to the Condor but is confronted by the same natives, only angrier. They chase him throughout the jungle. Stork flees into an ancient temple which the natives won't enter. While inside, Stork finds a strange door guarded by a giant crystal golem. Stork runs out of the cave followed by the now frightened natives and the angry golem. Stork makes it to the Condor but finds it guarded by natives. He uses one of their masks to impersonate them to get by. He flies the Condor to his friends and picks them up before a second tidal wave hits. Stork tells them of the natives, the golem, and the strange door but they don't believe him. In the final scene, Cyclonians are seen heading to the same temple.





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