Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 46
Air Date 27 March 2009
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"Origins" is the forty-sixth episode of the Storm Hawks and serve as a prequel for the series


This episode serves as a prequel to the series. Aerrow, Finn, Piper, and Radarr are orphans living in a Fortress on a small terra, which is threatened by a Cyclonian Youth Squad, which Junko is a part of. Three men approach Aerrow and give him a key and map to the Condor, stating that he is the last descendant of Lightning Strike, leader of the Storm Hawks, and thus inherits leadership. However, because of them Aerrow and his friends are captured. The leader of the Youth Squad radios Snipe and is told to throw them into the Wastelands. Junko volunteers to do it, but lets them go when the others are not looking, as he does not want to be a bad guy. They manage to find the Condor in the Wastelands, and it has already been repaired by Stork, who has lived there for years trying to find the key. In possession of items they both desire, the two sides team up. Stork takes them to the hangar bay, where they find all of the Air Skimmer III's and weapons used by the original Storm Hawks. The Storm Hawks head back to their terra to reclaim it and battle the Youth Squad. Junko switches sides upon seeing the Condor. Snipe arrives and gives a Leech Crystal for the leader to attach to the Condor. Aerrow manages to get it off just before the Condor plunges into the Wastelands. After regaining their home, Aerrow feels as though it can no longer be their home knowing what they now know about the Storm Hawks. Piper then states that the Storm Hawks were special because they didn't have a home terra; they protected everyone. The same three men appear again and contemplate on their future stating that the boy will be a Sky Knight, and whether the "girl" is the "one"; only time will tell. On Cyclonia, Master Cyclonis is seen moving her grandmother's throne and working on her Storm Engine.

Cartoon Network Too airdate: 7 September 2009 at 4.30pm