The Ultra Dudes
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 47
Air Date 30 March 2009
Episode Sequence
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Origins A Wallop For All Season
Episode List

"The Ultra Dudes" is the forty-seventh episode of the Storm Hawks


While the Storm Hawks return to Terra Tropica to investigate the temple Stork found there, Finn and Radarr are sent off on a solo mission for Cooking Crystals so Finn doesn't cmpromise their stealth mission. Finn lands on a Western-style terra and enters a saloon, where he angers a four-armed bandit and is challenged to a draw. Finn defeats the bandit, earning the respect of the townspeople. The bandit swears revenge on Finn. Elsewhere, the Storm Hawks reach the temple, only to find Ravess there instead of the doorway or the monster. Disgruntled by her banishment, she tells them that the door leads to the far side of Atmos, but without the key Cyclonis cannot open it, on the western terra, Finn's ego gets the better of him and he makes his own squad called the Ultra Dudes, teaching them useless tricks. When the bandit returns with his Murk Raiders allies, Finn confesses that everything he taught them was useless. The Ultra Dudes, however, still have faith and want to defend their home, but naturally cannot do much against the Murk Raiders with what Finn taught them. Finn comes to their rescue after some guilt tripping from Radarr. The Ultra Dudes manage to defeat the Murk Raiders with the help of the townspeople. Finn challenges Captain Scabulous to a draw, which Scabulous cheats at, though Finn wins when the townspeople step in. Finn returns to the Condor and is glad that he is not the leader of the Storm Hawks, seeing as there is so much work to it.





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