A Wallop For All Season
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 48
Air Date 31 March 2009
Episode Sequence
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The Ultra Dudes Payback
Episode List

"A Wallop For All Season" is the forty-eighth episode of the Storm Hawks


Junko has been summoned back to his home on Terra Wallop and Aerrow insists that they accompany him. They head to see the chief who tells him he is taking over the family business: underwear retail. Junko cannot refuse as it will bring shame to his family. Piper and Aerrow head to find Junko's Uncle Dilly, the previous owner, and discover Cyclonians. The chief reveals that he invited the Cyclonians as a part of a treaty, as he expects them to win the war and wants to be on the winning side. Junko challenges the chief to a battle after failing to convince him that the Cyclonians are evil. During the match, Junko tries to reason with the chief, but the chief won't listen. Junko realizes the chief won't fight the Cyclonians because he is afraid to stand up to them, and manages to subdue the chief by tricking him into knocking trees onto himself. Junko refuses to deliver the finishing below that would solidify his position as the new chief. As the Storm Hawks depart, Junko states that strength means nothing unless they have the courage to use it for good. Other Wallops contemplate on Junko's words of courage and decide that just because their chief supports Cyclonia, they do not have to. Junko's words have inspired them to create the Wallop Resistance.





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