Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 49
Air Date 1 April 2009
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A Wallop For All Season The Key
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"Payback is the 49 episode of Storm Hawks


When the Raptors destroy the Condor, and a Cyclonian attack on the Storm Hawks scatters the team. Piper lands on Gundstaff's terra, who decides to help her after revealing that the Cyclonians have also taken his family. Finn lands on a Blizzarian's garbage truck. Junko fights off Cyclonians with the help of some wrestlers. Aerrow is told by the three guardians from "Origins" and Arygyn after he defeats Snipe that the future of Atmos doesn't include him, but Arygyn assures him that their prophecies aren't always accurate and that he's sure he will do fine. Finally, Stork follows Repton to Terra Bogaton and single-handedly liberates it during his anger/revenge fit on Repton for destroying the Condor. Grateful for his actions, the Bogaton scientists decide to rebuild the Condor. Snipe is banished for failing to destroy Aerrow.