The Code
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 4
Air Date 15 June 2007
Episode Sequence
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Gale Force Winds Tranquility Now
Episode List

The Code is the 4th episode of the Storm Hawks


After attempting to procure a Phoenix Crystal from a Phoenix nest and suceeding, the Storm Hawks have their prize stolen by the Rex Guardians. When their leader, Harrier, suggests that the Storm Hawks could always issue a challenge if they have a problem with that, Aerrow gladly agrees in order to show him who runs the better squadron. However, the Storm Hawks find themselves in a bad position to win when faced with the Guardians' insistence on adhering to proper etiquette, and lose the challenge through technicalities, despite their victories with only Piper truly winning because she read the rules beforehand. To make things worse, Harrier hands the phoenix crystal over to the Dark Ace in an attempt to placate Cyclonia. The Dark Ace, of course, does not honor the deal, and the Guardians quickly discover their honorable traditions do little good against someone who doesn't play by the same rules. The Rex Guardians try to fight off the Cyclonians when Harrier says he will show the Storm Hawks how real Sky Knight squadrons fight at which Finn happily predicts they will be "smacked down so hard",the Rex Guardians face the Dark Ace and his Talons but are quickly defeated and when the Storm Hawks succeed where they failed, Harrier agrees to take some pointers from them.






  • First Appearence of Hairrier and the Rex Guardians.

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