The Key
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 50
Air Date 2 April 2009
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Payback Cyclonia Rising (Part 1)
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The Key is the 50th episode of the Storm Hawks


While reconstruction of the Condor gets underway with countless volunteers, Aerrow and Piper check out a report of Cyclonian activity in the Forbidden City. There they find Master Cyclonis and the Dark Ace summoning the spirit of the Oracle, in order to divine the location of the Oracle Crystal, which is the key to Master Cyclonis' far side door. Said stone was given to Piper as a gift by Aerrow, and remains in her possession. When Cyclonis threatens to destroy the Oracle spirit, Aerrow jumps in and gives her time to escape. During the battle, Cyclonis takes the key and Piper finds herself displaying new skills that give Aerrow power, like super strength, which Master Cyclonis is also capable of. However, the Dark Ace and Cyclonis escape. Aerrow and Piper head back to Terra Bogaton where the workers have completed the Condor. Piper worries about her new skill, saying that it feels dark, as does the Dark Ace, who fears that Piper may become as powerful as Cyclonis herself. Cyclonis remains unconcerned, convinced that Piper will destroy herself before she can master the power. In the final scene, Cyclonis opens the door to the far side and walks in.