Cyclonia Rising (Part 1)
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 51
Air Date 3 April 2009
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The Key Cyclonia Rising (Part 2)
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"Cyclonia Rising Part 1" is the 51st episode of the Storm Hawks


Using her far side door, Master Cyclonis arms her Nightcrawlers with crystal technology from the far side, making them far superior to any force in Atmos. Aerrow leads a united Atmos straight into Cyclonia for the battle to end all battles. Piper learns from Cyclonis that her new power, known as the "Binding", is evil and will turn her evil if she masters it. Piper insists on developing the power anyway, despite Aerrow's misgivings. Aerrow's united force manages to defeat the first wave of regular Cyclonians, but is vastly outgunned when Cyclonis releases a second wave of Nightcrawlers. Furthermore, she has equipped her terra with levitation pontoons, turning it into a flying fortress.