Cyclonia Rising (Part 2)
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 52
Air Date 6 April 2009
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Cyclonia Rising (Part 1)
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Cyclonia Rising (Part 2) is the fifty-second and final episode of Storm Hawks.


The episode starts off 9 days after the events of Episode 51, with Cyclonis smashing her Terra Cyclonia into Terra Gale, completely destroying it, however Dove and her grandfather Wren escape seconds beforehand. Shortly thereafter, the Dark Ace and numerous Night Crawlers invade Terra Atmosia and take it over.

The episode then cuts to 6 weeks later, where Cyclonis has conquered the majority of the Atmos. Every major ally of Atmosia is trapped inside a crystal prison Cyclonis obtained from the far side, and every vehicle scrapped. Only the Storm Hawks remain, playing childish pranks on Cyclonis. Piper is in bad shape, the Binding slowly weakening her despite not using it. Cyclonis, tired of their resistance, threatens to destroy Terra Atmosia, and the Storm Hawks surrender to prevent it. This turns out to be a ploy to reach the crystal prison, which Aerrow shatters with help from Piper. The newly freed Sky Knights attempt to shoot down Cyclonia with stolen Skimmers, but cannot penetrate the shielding on the levitation pontoons. Stork and Finn, however, discover that the crystal technology the Night Crawlers wear is allergic to Radarr's fur.

Meanwhile, Aerrow and Piper face Cyclonis and the Dark Ace. Already quite weak, Piper's ability to empower Aerrow ultimately gives out. However, when Aerrow insists that if they die, they'll die together. This level of trust causes a Binding phenomena know as 'Perfect Attunement' to occur, resulting in Binding energy flowing from Aerrow and into Piper, restoring her health and empowering them both. Unable to defeat them with her ordinary skills, Cyclonis draws power from her far side crystal to empower the Dark Ace, but gets carried away and destroys him. The resulting energy release destroys the far side crystal, allowing Finn and Junko to disable the pontoons. Cyclonis escapes through the door to the other side while the Storm Hawks follow. The end scene is narrated by Starling, who relates that it has been six hours since their victory. They raise up a flag of the Storm Hawks, and vow to give the Storm Hawks the recognition they deserve upon their return. Meanwhile, the Storm Hawks arrive at the far side, and gaze in awe at a vast land that looks significantly different from anything they've ever seen before. (Assumed never to return as stated by the Guardians in episode 49, Payback, "we see an Atmos without you...")