Tranquility Now
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 5
Air Date 18 June 2007
Episode Sequence
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The Code Best Friends Forever
Episode List

Tranquility Now is the 5th episode of the Storm Hawks


Ravess and Snipe attack Terra Glockenchime, shutting down the time-pulse, the primary navigation signal for every airship in Atmos. At the same time, Finn accidentally drops Junko's knuckle busters into the Wastelands, which leads to the revelation that Junko is one of the weaker, smarter Wallops, and he always got picked on as a kid because of this. The loss of his busters causes a massive loss of self-esteem, and hampers his ability to fight when the Storm Hawks go to stop Ravess and Snipe. Junko's faith in himself is rekindled after Snipe calls him a Gleep, a taunt used against him as a child. His confidence restored, Junko knocks Snipe out and restores the time-pulse. At the end of the episode, Finn retrieves Junko's knuckle busters from the Wastelands at great personal risk as an apology.





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