The Black Gorge
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 7
Air Date 2 July 2007
Episode Sequence
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Best Friends Forever Absolute Power
Episode List

"The Black Gorge" is the 7th episode of the Storm Hawks


While taking a shortcut over the Black Gorge, the Storm Hawks are stranded by its crystal-draining energy field. In order to restore power and escape, the Storm Hawks set out for the one spot in the Black Gorge where sunlight can be found, in order to power a Solaris Crystal with the sunlight. Led by an unwilling Stork and a cute native animal which Junko calls Mr. Cheepers, the Storm Hawks avoid one horrible monster after another including Metal-eating Vulca Bats, Meat-eating Plants, Living Tar, and Snapping Eels until they reach sunlight, only to find that it transforms their animal guide and a herd of creatures like him into massive angry Poison-toothed Spikey-haired sloths. Fortunately, all the horrors of the gorge are no less hostile to the sloths themselves, allowing the Storm Hawks to escape.






  • Smash Mouth - New Planet (played where the Storm Hawks get away from the gorge sloths)


  • First and Last appearence of Mr. Cheepers.


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