Absolute Power
Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 8
Air Date 9 July 2007
Episode Sequence
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The Black Gorge Velocity
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"Absolute Power" is the 8th episode of the Storm Hawks


Aerrow and Radarr go off on a secret mission with Starling to Terra Bogaton, leaving Finn in charge of the Condor. While Aerrow and Starling fight off the Raptors to rescue a group of peaceful scientists, Finn goes power-mad and banishes his teammates from the bridge for disobeying his many orders. To teach him a lesson, the others mess with the ship's systems, convincing Finn to relinquish control of everyone and the ship. Their uprising is well-timed: the scientists have a map of Bogaton's supposedly impenetrable air-defense, and Finn's the perfect man to take them all out. While Aerrow escorts the scientists out of Bogaton under cover fire from Finn, Starling battles Repton the Raptors leader for the shield belonging to the Interceptors, her former squadron which Repton destroyed. Once the shield is retrieved and the scientists are safe, Aerrow reminds Starling that she's always welcome to join the Storm Hawks.


Repton was so angry and furious that the trio was shot down by their own defenses. He says that he has a reputation to uphold. He will deal with the Sky Knights himself and he punishes the trio by ordering them to remind him where he would never use them for target practice.






[Finn begins to mess with Piper's record player]
Piper: Excuse me? That was my favorite song.
Finn: Then why would you listen to that stuff when we can the song's styles of Finn instead?
Piper: Leave that. I eat nails, which is exactly what it sounds like; On the chalkboard! [she switches the song to pop, but Finn changes it to rock music, causing Piper and Finn to switch a few times] Please stop!
Finn: You know, what you need is a little something than cool, Piper. And this is where is at.
Piper: Be definite. I don't need the cool from you! Besides, it's my turn! [stops the song]
Finn: Whatever! [Piper puts the song back on pop]
Piper: [hears Finn changing the song again] That does it! [removes the record] You are so childish, Finn! You never respect anyone else, and, to top it off, your music graves on my nerves! And I can't TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! [tosses the record, only for Starling to catch it]
Starling: Problem with your record player?

[Repton, completely furious, hears about being shot down by their own lasers]
Repton: [furious] Shot down by OUR OWN DEFENSES!?! I have a reputation to uphold! I'll deal with the Sky Knights myself! As for you three, remind me why I shouldn't use you for target practice!
Leugey: Because Mother made you promise not to?
Repton: Sometimes I can't believe we're of the same nest.

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