Storm Hawks Episode
Episode No. 9
Air Date 12 June 2007 (Kids' WB)
16 July 2007 (Cartoon Network)
Episode Sequence
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Absolute Power Fire and Ice
Episode List

"Velocity" is the 9th episode of the Storm Hawks


During the annual Great Atmos Race on Terra Saharr for a rare Velocity (Crystal) Amulet, a mysterious rider convinces every contestant to soup up their vehicle with any and every part available, including the vehicles of their friends and even parts from their carriers. As the race begins, the riders are eliminated one by one, with the mysterious rider revealing himself to be the Dark Ace in disguise. Though Aerrow wins the race, the Dark Ace points out that Aerrow now has the only working vehicle on the terra, making the grounded Sky Knights easy pickings for his Talons. While Aerrow tries to hold off the Cyclonian forces on his own, Piper convinces everyone else to work together, cobbling together a massive and heavily armed gunship from every spare part they have left to repel the Cyclonians. In order to celebrate their teamwork, Aerrow shatters the Velocity Amulet so every squadrons can go home with a piece of it.






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